Can I delete data from Uberflip Analytics?



I want to delete data that was collected by Uberflip Analytics. Is this possible?



Yes, it is possible to permanently delete data that was collected by Uberflip Analytics. There are two options:

  • Delete data for a specific visitor: This option allows you to delete the data Uberflip Analytics has collected about a specific visitor to your Hub(s). It will delete all data pertaining to the visitor across all Hubs associated with your account, based on the unique identifier code that identifies the visitor's browser (the "UUID"). Use this option if you need to comply with a "right to be forgotten" request.
  • Delete all data: This option will delete all data collected by Uberflip Analytics for all Hubs in your account. This cannot be reversed, and data deleted in this way is not recoverable, so this option is intended only for situations where you will never need this data again.

If you would like to use either of these options to delete data from Uberflip Analytics, please contact Uberflip Support for assistance.

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