Find Your Uberflip Analytics Identifier (UUID)



In some cases, Uberflip Support may ask you to provide your Uberflip Analytics Identifier, or UUID. Follow the steps below to find your UUID.


Find Your Browser's Uberflip Analytics UUID

In this guide, we will focus on how to find your UUID in Google Chrome. UUIDs are browser-specific, so if you use a browser other than Chrome, you must use that browser to complete this process instead.

While the steps below are specific to Google Chrome, all major browsers have developer tools built in that are structured similarly to Chrome DevTools, adapting them to your browser of choice is straightforward. For instructions on how to open developer tools in your preferred browser, use the links below:

To find your UUID in Google Chrome:

  1. Using Google Chrome, visit any page on the Uberflip platform website where you have a UUID (the UUID is assigned to your browser when you visit the Uberflip platform website for the first time).
  2. Open Chrome DevTools using any method you prefer (the various methods are described in Google's documentation here). We recommend opening DevTools by clicking on the main menu in the top right, then on More Tools > Developer Tools:
  3. DevTools will open in a new window. In DevTools, click on the Network tab at the top:
  4. On the Network tab, find the Filter box in the top left. Type UFA into this box:
  5. The Google Chrome window that is displaying the website you started on should still be open in the background. Switch to this window and refresh the page:
  6. After refreshing, switch back to the DevTools window. In the middle section, under the Name column, you should now see the entry ?EIO=3&transport=websocket:
  7. Click on this entry to view more details about it. These will appear in a new pane to the right:
  8. In the pane on the right, click on the Messages tab:
  9. Under the Messages tab, you should see one or more messages beginning with 42["command",...:
  10. Click on any message that starts with 42["command",.... More information will appear in a new pane below:
  11. In this new pane, click on the entry that begins with 2: {timestamp:...:
  12. This will expand the entry beginning with 2: {timestamp:.... In the expanded view, look for the line visitorUuid:
  13. The series of alphanumeric characters within quotation marks shown beside visitorUuid: is your Uberflip Analytics UUID for this browser and website. Copy this UUID and provide it to Uberflip Support.


Additional Notes

Your Uberflip Analytics UUID is unique to your browser, and can only be directly obtained by you, from your browser.

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