Find Your Uberflip Analytics Identifier (UUID)



In some cases, Uberflip Support may ask you to provide your Uberflip Analytics Identifier, or UUID. Follow the steps below to find your UUID.


Find Your Browser's Uberflip Analytics UUID

In this guide, we will focus on how to find your UUID in Google Chrome. UUIDs are browser-specific, so if you use a browser other than Chrome, you must use that browser to complete this process instead.

While the steps below are specific to Google Chrome, all major browsers have developer tools built in that are structured similarly to Chrome DevTools, adapting them to your browser of choice is straightforward. For instructions on how to open developer tools in your preferred browser, use the links below:

To find your UUID in Google Chrome:

  1. Using Google Chrome, visit any page on the Uberflip platform website where you have a UUID (the UUID is assigned to your browser when you visit the Uberflip platform website for the first time).
  2. Right-click anywhere on the webpage, then click on Inspect to open Chrome DevTools:
  3. DevTools will open as a new pane docked to the right side of your browser. In DevTools, find the menu at the top. Here, click on the >> button, then click on Application:
    • If your DevTools window is set to the docked to bottom or undocked views, or is set wide enough, the Application tab should already be visible and you can just click on it directly.
  4. On the Application tab, find the sidebar menu on the left. Click on the arrow next to Cookies to expand that section, then click on the URL of the Uberflip platform website in the list:
  5. Find the Filter box near the top. Type ufav into this box:
  6. The table below should now only show cookies with "ufav" in their name (in most cases, just one):
  7. The series of alphanumeric characters in the Value column is your Uberflip Analytics UUID for this browser and website:
  8. Copy this UUID and email it to Uberflip Support. To select the UUID for copying, double-click it in the Value column. You can also copy it from the pane near the bottom of the DevTools window (when the ufav cookie is selected):


Additional Notes

  • Your Uberflip Analytics UUID is unique to your browser, and can only be directly obtained by you, from your browser.
  • In some cases, you may see multiple instances of the ufav cookie in the table in Step 6. If you do, please provide the UUIDs for all of them to Uberflip Support. Please also be sure to provide the corresponding domain for each UUID (from the Domain column).
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