Change the Owner of a Stream


Learn how you can change the user who is designated as the owner of a Source, Marketing or Sales Stream in your Hub.


Before You Begin

  • By default, users in the Account Administrators and Content Managers user groups can change the owner of any Source or Marketing Stream.
  • By default, users in the Sales Reps user group can change the owner of their own Sales Streams only.
  • Only the Primary User can change the owner of a Sales Stream that they do not own themselves (as all other users can only see their own Sales Streams, and only the Primary User can see Sales Streams owned by other users).
  • The ability to change the owner of a Stream is controlled by the following permissions:
    • To change the owner of any Source Stream: Streams > Native Streams > Update
    • To change the owner of any Marketing Stream: Streams > Marketing Streams > Update
    • To change the owner of only self-owned Sales Streams: Streams > Sales Streams > Update


About Changing Stream Ownership

Whenever a user creates a new Source, Marketing, or Sales Stream in a Hub, that user is designated as the owner of that Stream, and their name appears beside the Stream under Content > Streams in the Uberflip app:


In some cases, you might need to change the owner of a Stream to another user. For example, whenever someone leaves your organization, you will likely want to change the ownership of the Streams that they created.

The other main use case for changing a Stream's owner is for Sales Streams. Unlike Source and Marketing Streams, Sales Streams can only be used by their owner. This means that, whenever a Sales Rep departs, the Sales Streams they owned remain unavailable to other Sales Reps in your organization. Rather than leaving these Sales Streams "orphaned" and unusable, you can instead reassign their ownership to other Sales Reps, who can then continue to use them.


Change the Owner of a Stream

You can change the owner of a Stream at any time, including if the Stream is currently owned by a user who has been removed from your account. Keep in mind that only your account's Primary User, or its current owner, can change the owner of a Sales Stream.

  1. Log in to your Uberflip account. After logging in, use the Hubs menu at the top to navigate to the Hub that contains the Stream which you want to assign to a new owner.
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left, click on Content. The Content menu should appear on the right with the Streams tab active.
  3. In the list of Streams, find the Stream you want to reassign (you can also use the type filter or search box in the menu bar above the list). When you find the Stream, click on its name or thumbnail image to open it.
  4. With the Stream open, click on the three-line (hamburger) menu button in the menu bar near the top left:
  5. In the menu that appears, click on Change Stream Owner:
  6. The Change Stream Owner menu will appear as an overlay. Use the dropdown menu under Owner to select the user you want to assign as the new owner of the Stream:
    • Note that only users with the necessary permissions to be the new owner will appear in the dropdown.
  7. After you have selected a new owner, click on the Change Owner button.
  8. You'll see a confirmation message asking if you're sure you want to change the owner, and warning you of the possible consequences. If you're sure you want to proceed, click on Change Owner:
  9. Your change will take effect immediately, and the new owner will now be shown beside the Stream in the list of Streams:
    • If you lose the ability to see a Stream as a result of changing its owner (e.g. if you are a non-Primary User assigning ownership of your own Sales Stream to another user), you will automatically be returned to Content > Streams tab, and will not be able to see the Stream or its new owner in the list.


After changing the owner of a Sales Stream, it will take 24 hours for this change to be reflected on the Sales Activity Dashboard.

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