Known Issue: YouTube Integration Defect [RESOLVED]



This article describes a previous known issue/defect with the Uberflip platform that is now resolved. This issue was marked resolved on April 2, 2020.

Issue Description

Changes that Google made in their authentication mechanisms for third-party integrations negatively impacted the integration between Uberflip and YouTube. To resolve the issue, Uberflip submitted a new version of the integration to Google for approval on March 25, 2020. The approved integration was released on April 2, 2020, successfully resolving the issue.

Final Update: April 2

Google has approved Uberflip's new YouTube integration, and the new integration is now available on the Uberflip app. With immediate effect, all customers can create new YouTube Streams, and can reconnect existing Streams. As a result, this issue is now marked resolved.

IMPORTANT: If you have existing YouTube Streams that were disconnected by this issue, you will need to take action to reconnect the affected Streams to YouTube. Please read on for further details.


Impact & Actions

Updated April 2

YouTube Streams created before March 25, 2020: ACTION REQUIRED


  • On March 25, all existing YouTube Streams were disconnected when the old YouTube integration was deactivated in order to submit a new integration to Google. The new integration was released on April 2.
  • Any YouTube Streams that existed in your Hub on March 25 will remain disconnected until you take action.
  • To reconnect your YouTube Streams, you must re-authorize the integration between your Uberflip account and your YouTube (Google) account.
  • While they are disconnected, YouTube Streams will not pull in new content. However, videos imported before the Stream was disconnected will continue to work normally (i.e. can be viewed by visitors and added to Marketing/Sales Streams) while the Stream remains disconnected.


To re-authorize the YouTube integration and reconnect your YouTube Streams that are currently disconnected:

  1. Open this article: Set Up a YouTube Integration.
  2. Follow the instructions under the section Connect Your Uberflip and Google Accounts (direct link to this section here).
    • IMPORTANT: When you are asked to choose a Google account during the re-authorization process, it must be the same account that was connected to your Hub previously. If you choose a different account, the re-authorization will be successful, but your existing Streams will not reconnect (because they are associated with a different Google account).
    • You do NOT need to complete the steps under Create a New YouTube Stream in the same article.

You only need to re-authorize the YouTube integration ONCE. As soon as you do this, all YouTube Streams across all Hubs in your Uberflip account will reconnect automatically.

Once they are reconnected, your existing YouTube Streams will resume importing content from YouTube automatically. If you want to force an update for any Stream immediately, you can do so by opening the Stream (under Content > Streams tab), clicking on the three-line "hamburger" menu in the top left, then clicking on Update:


There is no deadline for re-authorizing the YouTube integration, and you can complete this action at any time.


YouTube Streams created on/after April 2: NO ACTION NEEDED


The ability to create a new YouTube Stream has been restored as of April 2.


  • Your ability to create YouTube Streams in your Hub(s) has been automatically restored. No further action is needed on your part.
  • For instructions on how to create a YouTube Stream, see this article.


Timeline for Resolution

Updated April 2

This issue is marked resolved as of April 2, 2020. As of this date, the YouTube integration is once again fully functional.

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