Uberflip Platform Cookies Explained


A guide to the cookies and web storage data that the Uberflip platform creates in visitor browsers.


What is this guide about?

Your Uberflip Hubs and associated services are powered by the Uberflip platform. Like most web applications and services, the Uberflip platform must write data to a visitor's browser to enable various types of functionality. It does this in the form of both traditional browser cookies as well as a similar HTML5 technology known as web storage. (As these two types of data serve essentially the same purpose, for simplicity we will use the term "cookies" throughout this guide to mean both browser cookies and web storage data.)

This guide describes the cookies that the Uberflip platform may create in a visitor's browser when they visit your web properties on which Uberflip-hosted content is present. It lists all cookies which may be set, and outlines their purposes.


This reference guide only discusses cookies that are specifically created by the Uberflip platform. If you integrate your Uberflip Hubs and other web properties with certain third-party services (such as Marketing Automation Platforms, web analytics services, etc.), these services may create additional cookies not listed on this page whenever a visitor accesses your Hub content. For more information, please refer to the support resources for each service that you integrate with your Hubs.


How does the Uberflip platform use cookies?

The Uberflip platform uses various cookies that can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Essential Functions: These cookies are essential for making core Uberflip platform functionality work. If these cookies are refused by a visitor, Uberflip-powered websites and their features will not work.
  • Performance & Functionality: These cookies support non-essential functionality and enhance the performance of Uberflip-powered websites. The websites will still generally work if these cookies can't be set, although some functionality will become unavailable.
  • Analytics: These cookies collect information that is used in aggregate form to power Uberflip's web analytics products (Uberflip Analytics, Legacy Metrics (discontinued), and Hub dashboards).


When does the Uberflip platform set cookies?

In general, the Uberflip platform will set cookies whenever a visitor accesses any type of web content that is hosted on the Uberflip platform (though not all cookies may be set in every situation). This includes Hub content (such as blog posts, etc.), Flipbooks, and any Uberflip-hosted content that is delivered in a non-Hub context. Examples of "non-Hub contexts" include embedded Tiles, Streams, and CTAs, or Site Engager, on your non-Uberflip web properties.

 Examples of situations where the Uberflip platform will set cookies include:

  • When a visitor views any page in a Hub
  • When a visitor views a Flipbook
  • When a visitor accesses a (non-Hub) domain on which Site Engager is being used
  • When a visitor views a (non-Hub) webpage or email where embedded content is displayed


What HTTP cookies does the Uberflip platform create?

The following table lists all HTTP cookies that may be created by the Uberflip platform:

Name Type Expires Purpose
_MGZ_ Essential Functions Session Used to distinguish the sessions of different users, required for core platform functionality.
uiState Performance & Functionality Session Enables default header functionality on Uberflip Hubs, where the header image is hidden after a user scrolls past it.
uf_privacy_prefs Performance & Functionality 365 days Allows the Uberflip platform to remember user preferences when Uberflip privacy features are enabled.
ufentry Analytics 30 min. after user inactivity Used to determine a user's entry time to the Uberflip platform, to calculate various data points in Legacy Metrics.
pdf_event Analytics 365 days Used to distinguish users of the platform for Legacy Metrics.
_ufas Analytics 60 min. Used to distinguish users of the platform for Uberflip Analytics during a single session on the platform.
_ufav Analytics 365 days Used to distinguish users of the platform for Uberflip Analytics to aggregate session data over time.
Performance & Functionality Session Supports parts of the theme and branding of Front End V2 Hubs.
  • All cookies will be set under the same domain as the associated Hub or Flipbook.
  • On domains using HTTPS (SSL/TLS), all cookies will be set as secure and only sent on encrypted requests.
  • On domains using HTTP, the cookie will be set as insecure and sent on unencrypted requests.
  • In the Expires column, Session indicates that the cookie will expire when the user's session ends (i.e. when they close the relevant tabs/windows in their browser).


How does the Uberflip platform use HTML5 web storage?

HTML5 web storage allows web applications to store data in a user's browser, similar to the way cookies work. Web storage has several advantages over cookies, such as improved security and better website performance. If you'd like to learn more about HTML5 Web Storage, see this page.

Web storage provides two objects in which data can be stored in a user's browser: window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage. The Uberflip platform uses only the window.sessionStorage object. This means that the data it creates in web storage expires (and is deleted) whenever the user closes the relevant browser tabs/windows.

The following table lists all web storage entries that may be created by the Uberflip platform:

Name Type Expires Purpose
_ufaw_ Analytics Session  Used to distinguish users of the platform for Uberflip Analytics during a single session on the platform.
  • More than one entry of _ufaw_ may be created, in the format of _ufaw_<unique identifier>_<unique identifier> (e.g. _ufaw_fc5b7adcb5c14c7ba967488c6d8a51fb_8e1b85fe1d774de49b6092ae03089cc7)


Do Uberflip platform cookies store personal data?

The Uberflip platform uses cookies which store random identifiers only. Cookies used by the Uberflip platform do not contain any type of information that can identify an individual, such as data sourced from Form CTAs, connected Marketing Automation Platforms, or any other connected systems. As a result, these cookies can distinguish between individual users, but can not alone identify them.


How do Uberflip platform cookies work with Uberflip's privacy features?

If you use the built-in Uberflip privacy features (Privacy Policy Page and Privacy Banner) that are controlled by the Privacy Groups system, cookies set by the Uberflip platform all fall under the default "Uberflip" functionality. As a result, they will be associated with the Privacy Group to which you have assigned the "Uberflip" functionality, and Uberflip platform cookies will be set only if and when a visitor opts into this Privacy Group.

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