Resend an Email Invitation to a New User



Resend an invitation email to add a new user to your Uberflip account (e.g. if the user never received or lost the original email).


Send an New Invitation Email

  1. Log out of your Uberflip account (if you are currently logged in):
  2. Visit the following link:
  3. In the Email field, enter the email address of the user to whom you want to resend the email invitation.
  4. Click the Request Password Reset button.
  5. The specified user will be sent an email with a link to reset their password. When they click on this link, they will be able to create a password for the account associated with their email address, then log in with these credentials.


Additional Notes

In order for this to be successful, the user must have already been created (with the same email address you entered) in your Uberflip account.

The password reset email can take a few minutes to be delivered to the user after you request it. As with all automated emails, it may be misidentified as spam, so the user should check their spam folder as well.

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