Error: "Form ID Not Found" when connecting an Eloqua Form to a Form CTA



A "Form ID Not Found" error is displayed when choosing some Eloqua Forms while setting up a Form CTA.

  • Eloqua Form can't be found
  • Can't select Eloqua Form
  • Unable to choose Eloqua Form



  • Where: Form CTA Editor (first page)
  • Who: Users setting up a Form CTA connected to Eloqua
  • When: While trying to select an Eloqua Form to connect to a Form CTA
  • Selected Eloqua Form does not use the standard Contact Fields > Email Address form field to collect email addresses
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



This issue occurs when the selected Eloqua Form uses a field created under the Custom Fields section to collect email addresses, rather than the default "Email Address" field (in the Contact Fields section). Eloqua Forms can only be connected to Form CTAs when the default "Email Address" field is used.


Steps to Fix

  1. Edit the desired Eloqua Form to use the "Email Address" field in the Contact Fields section.
    • Do not change the name/label of this field from the default "Email Address" in Eloqua
  2. Delete the previous email address field from the Custom Fields section.
  3. Return to the Form CTA Editor and try to select the Eloqua Form again: you should now be able to select it without the error appearing.


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