Can I compare data in Uberflip Analytics quarterly or yearly?



I want to compare data in Uberflip Analytics year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter. Is this possible?



It's not possible to do this yet. There are two reason for this:

  1. The data collection system for Uberflip Analytics was activated in July 2019, so it has only been able to collect data since this date. Because our old system for gathering data works very differently, the data collected for legacy Metrics isn't compatible with Uberflip Analytics, and can't be used to backfill data for dates earlier than July 2019. As a result, Uberflip Analytics will never contain metrics data for dates prior to July 2019. Yearly comparisons of data will therefore be possible once at least one year has passed, i.e. from July 2020 onward.
  2. The functionality for quarterly comparisons has not yet been implemented. We expect basic quarter-over-quarter comparisons (using date ranges to select individual quarters for export) to be available by Spring 2020. Our Product team is investigating how we can improve this going forward, and eventually we plan to support built-in quarter-over-quarter functionality.
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