Can I compare Uberflip Analytics data with legacy Metrics data?



I'd like to do long-term comparisons of my data, but Uberflip Analytics only goes back as far as July 2019. Can I compare the data shown in Uberflip Analytics with the data from prior years that's available in legacy Metrics?



We don't recommend comparing data between Uberflip Analytics and legacy Metrics. To ensure the highest possible data quality and integrity, we built a brand-new data collection system for Uberflip Analytics. This system started to collect data in July 2019, so data in Uberflip Analytics is not available for dates earlier than this. While longer-term data is available in legacy Metrics, the way that this data was collected is very different from Uberflip Analytics, and this unfortunately means that the two are not generally comparable.

Although comparing data between these two systems is not recommended, it's still possible to compare data internally within each system. As a result, you can use legacy Metrics to make longer-term comparisons, and legacy Metrics will continue to remain available for this purpose for the foreseeable future.

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