Can I see Account or visitor data in Uberflip Analytics?



To be able to track ROI, I'd like to be able break down data by account or visitor. Can I do this in Uberflip Analytics?



Knowing who and where your traffic is coming from is incredibly useful (for both marketing and sales teams). This is where Uberflip's suite of Enrichment features come in.

Data enrichment is adding supplementary data to an existing data set, to fill in missing/unknown data points. This allows you to expand on the insights you can draw, and actions you can take, from that data. This is exactly what Uberflip Enrichment tools do for you.

Enrichment pulls in contact information from your MAP, or a firmographic database, to tie the numbers to companies and names. With that info, you can target the right prospects at the right time.

— for more details, check out Analytics Enrichment features explained.

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