Claim Your Hub on Pinterest


Learn how to claim your Hub on Pinterest, which allows visitors to "pin" your content and gives you access to Pinterest website analytics.


Before You Begin

  • To claim your Hub using Pinterest Site Verification, you need to be in the Account Admin, Content Manager or Demand Generation user group(s).
  • You will also need a Pinterest account. Ideally, this should be an account owned by your organization (with credentials shared between members of your team), not your personal account.


About Pinterest Site Verification

Pinterest allows you to "claim" any of your web properties, including Uberflip Hubs. Doing so confirms your ownership of the site, and adds a Pinterest Pin it button that appears when visitors mouse over your image content:


Visitors can use this button to save your content to their Pinterest accounts, and you will get access to website analytics in Pinterest around the use of this button on your Hub.


Don't want the Pin it button to appear on your Hub? See this article for instructions on how to remove it.


Claim Your Hub on Pinterest

To claim a website on Pinterest, you need to add some HTML to that website's code. In Uberflip we've simplified this process so that you don't need to work with code — instead, all you have to do is copy and paste a code into the Uberflip app.


Claiming a website on Pinterest associates that website (i.e. your Hub) with a particular Pinterest account. We strongly recommend using a corporate Pinterest account with shared login credentials. If you use a personal account, this can cause issues if that account becomes deactivated or inaccessible (i.e. if the owner leaves your organization).

Not also that any web property can only be associated with a single Pinterest account. Once your Hub has been claimed by a Pinterest account, it must be released by that account before it can be claimed by another account.

Step 1: Get the HTML Tag From Pinterest

  1. To get started, go to this article from Pinterest:
  2. Follow the instructions under the heading "Add a meta tag to your website".
  3. When you reach Step 4: Type in your Hub's URL:
  4. When you reach Step 6: Copy only the code that appears next to content= (don't copy the quotation marks):
  5. Once you have copied the code from the HTML tag, open a new browser tab or window but keep the Pinterest window open (as you'll be returning to it later). In the new tab/window, follow the instructions below.

Step 2: Add the Pinterest HTML Tag to Your Hub

  1. Log in to your Uberflip account and navigate to the Hub you want to claim on Pinterest.
  2. Click on Integrations in the sidebar menu on the left.
  3. In the list of integrations that appears on the right, scroll down to Pinterest Site Verification.
  4. On the right side next to Pinterest Site Verification, click on the Connect button:
  5. In the window that appears, paste the content= code you copied from Pinterest into the field provided:
  6. Click on the Connect button, then click on Close in the confirmation window that appears.

Step 3: Complete the Process in Pinterest

  1.  Finally, return to the browser tab/window where the Pinterest claim menu should still be open (if you accidentally closed it, simply follow the instructions under Get the HTML Tag From Pinterest again).
  2. Click on Next and you should see the Submit for review window: click on the Submit button to complete the process.
  3. That's it! Pinterest will let you know once your Hub has been successfully verified.
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