Can I upload CSS or JS files to Uberflip?



I have existing stylesheets (.css files) or scripts (.js files) that I'd like to use with my Uberflip Hub(s). Can I upload these files to Uberflip?



Uberflip doesn't support directly uploading .css or .js files to our servers. All custom code on your Hub(s) must be implemented using code blocks via the built-in Custom Code feature. (To learn more about Custom Code with Uberflip, and how to create code blocks, see this article.)

To bring external code files into your Hubs(s), you have two options:

  1. Paste the full contents of the files into custom code blocks, or
  2. Host the files externally (on your own server) and call them from a custom code block in Uberflip.
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