Embedded CTA brings in on-page apps



When embedding a CTA outside a Hub (e.g. on a website), the CTA displays unwanted elements from third-party apps installed on the Hub, such as cookie/privacy notices (like OneTrust) or chat widgets (like Drift).

  • Embedded CTA covered by chat
  • CTA embed hidden behind app
  • Iframed CTA shows privacy notice



  • Hub where the embedded CTA is hosted has third-party script(s) installed which display visual elements, e.g. chat widgets, privacy banners, etc.
  • Where: CTAs embedded on an external website (not in Hub)
  • Who: Affects visitors who view the embedded CTA on the non-Hub website
  • When: Occurs anytime an embedded CTA is displayed on the non-Hub website
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



When a CTA is embedded into a non-Hub website, it is displayed on that website in an iframe. An iframe simply displays the contents of another website — in this case your Hub. As a result, if the Hub that hosts the embedded CTA also loads any scripts with on-page visual elements (e.g. widgets), those will also be brought into the iframe of the embedded CTA.


Steps to Fix

To resolve this issue, Uberflip needs to add custom code to your Hub that blocks the third-party scripts from being included with your embedded CTAs. For help, please submit a request to our Support team.

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