Error: "You are not authenticated to view this page" message when viewing Uberflip Analytics


Beta Feature Advisory

This article describes a feature which is currently in closed beta, and is not yet widely available. If you are interested in participating in this beta program, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Uberflip Support.


After clicking on the Analytics tab in Uberflip, the message "You are not authenticated to view this page." is shown. The same message is shown when clicking on any item in the left sidebar menu.


In some cases, the message "The page you requested could not be found. It either doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it." may appear instead.

  • Can't access Analytics
  • Analytics authentication error
  • 401 error when viewing Analytics



  • Where: The Uberflip Analytics section, accessed through the Analytics item in the top menu bar
  • Who: Affects all users with access to Uberflip Analytics
  • When: Any time a user visits the Analytics section, or any page within that section (via the left sidebar navigation)
  • Any browser — may affect one type of browser, but not another
  • Any operating system



Uberflip Analytics is powered by Looker. Looker uses a third-party cookie to authenticate Uberflip users and ensure they have access to a dashboard. If your browser is set to block third-party cookies (the default setting in some browsers), this prevents Looker from authenticating you and causes the error message to be displayed.


Steps to Fix

The fix for this issue depends on the browser you are using. Regardless of the browser, you must generally disable the setting that blocks third-party cookies. See below for more information about your specific browser:

Chrome Firefox Safari Edge

In Chrome, you must turn off the setting Block third-party cookies under Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data.

To find this setting, follow the instructions under the section Change your cookie settings > Allow or block cookies by default in the following article from Google:

Google Chrome Help: Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome 


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