Reference: User Group Default Permissions


A reference guide comparing the permissions assigned to each system default User Group in Uberflip.



This article describes the default permissions that are assigned to each system User Group in Uberflip, but Account Administrators can freely modify permissions. If permission configurations have been modified in your Uberflip account, they may differ from those shown in this article.


User Group Permissions Matrix

This matrix shows a comparison of the standard system User Groups in Uberflip and the permissions that users belonging to each group are granted by default.

  • A filled circle (●) indicates a permission is held by the User Group
  • An empty circle () indicates a parent permission where some of the child permissions are held by the User Group
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  • This matrix does not include the All Users User Group, as this User Group is not granted any permissions by default. This User Group is intended to be used as a fallback for any user who has not been assigned to any other User Group.
  • If a user belongs to more than one User Group, the more permissive User Group's permissions will apply to that user.
  • Uberflip's permissions are additive: each permission gives access to a certain app function. The sole exception is the Restricted Content Authoring Experience permission, which is subtractive: it removes access to certain functions, such as publishing new Items. This permission is only assigned to the Authors User Group by default, and should not be assigned to any other User Group, as doing so will remove functionality those User Groups should have access to (see this article for details). For the same reason, you should never place a user in both the Authors User Group and any other User Group, as the restrictive permission inherited from Authors will take priority.
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