Can I use Items from one Hub in a different Hub?



I have multiple Hubs. There is an Item in a Stream in Hub A, and I want to use that Item in a Stream in Hub B. Is that possible?



Yes! Items are account-wide, so any Item in your Uberflip account can be used in any Hub under that account.

To use an Item that lives in one Hub in a different Hub, you'll need to use a Marketing Stream in the destination Hub (the Hub where you want to use the Item). Either create a new Marketing Stream, or use an existing one.

Open up the Marketing Stream (in the destination Hub) by going to Content > Streams tab and clicking on the Stream. While viewing the Marketing Stream, click on the Manage Items button in the menu bar:


The Update Marketing Stream menu will appear in a pop-up window. Near the top, use the left drop-down menu to choose the Hub where the Item was originally added:


Now, you can browse to the Item you want. Click on it to select it, then click on Update to add it to the Marketing Stream. There you have it: the Item from Hub A is now in a Stream in Hub B.


Keep in mind that CTA placements are Hub-specific, so Item-related placements (i.e. Gate or Show Beside) will not carry over when the Item is used in a different Hub.

For example, if you gate an Item with a CTA in Hub A, and then also use that Item in Hub B, the Item will not be gated in Hub B — you would need to set up the CTA gate separately for Hub B.

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