Can I perform bulk actions in Uberflip?



I want to perform an operation in Uberflip, but I need to do the same thing many times. For example, deleting Streams or Items, creating users, setting up redirect rules, creating tags, etc. Is there a way to automate these actions and do them in bulk, rather than manually one-by-one?



Uberflip's Support team can help you to perform various actions in your account in bulk. Here is a complete list of bulk actions we can perform for you:


  • Create Items
  • Create Streams
  • Create tags
  • Create Flipbooks
  • Create redirect rules
  • Create users


  • Add Items to Stream
  • Hide or show content older than a specified date
  • Update Item metadata, including author and SEO details
  • Update Item content (search and replace keyword)
  • Update the canonical URL on Items with a specific tag


  • Delete specified Items
  • Delete all Items older than a specified date
  • Delete specified Streams
  • Delete specified tags
  • Delete all tags
  • Remove Items from a specified Marketing Stream
  • Remove hidden Items from a list of Marketing Streams

If you need to perform bulk actions in your Uberflip account, please speak with your CSM, or contact Uberflip Support directly.

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