Customize and manage your DSRs


Learn how you can customize the look and feel of your Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs), as well as how to manage your existing DSRs.


Before you begin

  • To work with DSRs, you must be a member of the Sales Reps, Account Administrators, or Content Managers user groups.

Note: Who can manage DSRs?

DSRs are only visible to the user who created them, so all users can only manage their own DSRs (including Account Administrators).

The only exception is the Primary User on the Uberflip account, who can see all DSRs created within the account by any user.


Customize a DSR

You can customize the look and feel or your DSRs in various ways to further personalize them for your intended audience. You can change the DSR's URL Path, customize different Stream Options, and modify the appearance of the DSR:

URL Path DSR Options DSR Appearance

You can customize the last portion of the DSR's URL, after the slash (the URL path):


By default, the URL path is set to the name that you chose when you created the DSR, but you can change it to anything you like. To do that, open the DSR in the Uberflip app (Content > Streams tab > click on the DSR), then click on the Metadata tab. Here, type the URL path that you want to use instead into the URL Path field:


Your change will be saved automatically, and will take effect immediately. Any previous URL paths for the DSR will be shown underneath the URL Path field:


Any URL path shown here will remain active, and can be used to access this DSR. To remove a previous URL path, click on the x button to its right. Removing a URL path will mean that the DSR can no longer be accessed using that URL.


Modify content in an existing DSR

You can work on your existing DSRs at any time to add, remove, or rearrange content Items. To modify a DSR, open it in the Uberflip app (Content > Streams tab > click on the DSR).

While viewing the DSR, you can rearrange the Item Tiles that represent each piece of content by simply dragging-and-dropping them into the desired order.

To add or remove content Items in the DSR, click on the Manage Items button in the top left:


The Update Sales Stream window will appear, where your currently selected Items will be indicated with checkmarks:

  • To add new content to the DSR, click on an Item Tile to select it (selected Items are indicated with checkmarks)
  • To remove a piece of content from the DSR, click on the Item Tile of a previously selected Item (the checkmark will be removed)

To save your changes and return to the Stream view, click Update.


Archive a DSR

As you create DSR, your list of DSRs will grow. But if you no longer need a DSR and want to declutter your list, you can archive it.

To archive a DSR, open it in the Uberflip app (Content > Streams tab > click on the Sales Stream), then click on the three-dot "meatball" menu in the top right. In the menu that appears, click on Archive Stream:


If you accidentally archived a DSR, or discover later that you still need it, you can recover archived DSRs.

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