Define a Custom Lead Source Value for Marketo



Replace the default Uberflip-defined value for the Marketo Lead Source field with a custom value of your choice whenever an Uberflip Form CTA is submitted.


Step 1: Block Field Updates in Marketo

The first thing you will need to do is set up Marketo to block updates to the Lead Source field. This will prevent your Hub from overwriting any existing values in the Lead Source field, while still allowing it to set a value (which you will specify) on new leads it passes through.

For instructions on how to find the Block Field Updates setting, see this article from Marketo:

Marketo: Block Updates to a Field

You will need to configure this setting for the Lead Source field (in the Lead Info folder). In the Block Updates From menu, check the box for Web service API:



Step 2: Add Lead Source to Form CTAs as a Hidden Field

The next thing you need to do is set up your Form CTAs to override the default value that your Hub will write to the Lead Source field. To do this, you will need to add the Lead Source field to your Form CTAs as a hidden field, then specify which value you want to write to that field.

For instructions on how to add the hidden field to your Form CTAs, see this article:

Use Hidden Fields with Form CTAs

  • In Step 2 of the instructions in the above article, make sure you search for and add the Lead Source field
  • Once you reach Step 5, you can choose whether you want the value to be static (same value every time) or dynamic (value changes depending on context):

Option 1: Use a Static Lead Source Value

If you want to pass a static value to Marketo's Lead Source field every time the Form CTA is submitted, simply enter the desired value into the Hidden value text field. You can configure different values for different Form CTAs to differentiate them, or simply specify the same value across all Form CTAs.

Option 2: Use a Dynamic Lead Source Value

You can also choose to have the Lead Source field value be dynamically populated. The most straightforward way to do this is with query string parameters, where you can set the CTA to adopt the parameter value as the Lead Source field value. For example, if a visitor arrives in your Hub through a URL like

then EmailCampaign would be passed into Marketo as the value for Lead Source when they submit a Form CTA.

For instructions on how to set this up, see this section of the Use Hidden Fields with Form CTAs article.

If you want to do something more complex to dynamically populate the Lead Source field, this would generally require JavaScript. For help, please contact our Support team, or your Customer Success Manager.


Remember that you must add the hidden field to every Form CTA you are using in your Hub. If you do not do this for any Form CTA, it will still pass the default Uberflip-specified value to the Lead Source field when it is submitted.


Additional Notes

When a Form CTA is submitted, Uberflip will create/update the corresponding lead in the connected Marketo instance, and will populate the Lead Source field with a value in the format UF-CTA-XXXXX-CTAName (if no value exists in that field; Uberflip will not overwrite an existing value). The process described in this article will allow you to specify a value that Uberflip will write to the Lead Source field instead of this default value. This is useful if you use your own format for lead source values, and would like leads created by Uberflip to follow this format.

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