Reference: Uberflip IP Addresses


A reference guide to the IP addresses used by Uberflip.



This reference guide lists the IP addresses used by Uberflip. These are the IP addresses that you will use to connect to Uberflip's servers, and which Uberflip's systems will use to connect to any services you host (if applicable).

This information is primarily useful for organizations which have IP restriction rules in place, e.g. an IP whitelist that specifies the external IPs a device on your network can connect to, and/or the external IPs which may establish connections to devices on your network.

Please note that we may make changes to our network infrastructure from time, so all IP addresses listed on this page are subject to change.


The IP addresses listed on this page should only be used for the purpose of configuring IP restriction rules. In all other instances where an Uberflip IP address might be applicable (e.g. when configuring DNS records or reverse proxy configurations for custom domains), you should always use the domain instead of an IP address.


Uberflip Inbound IPs

To access any Uberflip domain or service (including the Uberflip application), you must be able to connect to any of the following IP addresses:

If your organization restricts the IP addresses that devices on your network can connect to, you should ensure the IP addresses listed above are added to your whitelist.


Uberflip Outbound IPs

Uberflip uses the following IP addresses to connect to customer systems:

If your organization hosts or uses a service that Uberflip needs to connect to, and you restrict the IP addresses which can connect to these services, you should ensure that the IP addresses listed above are added to your whitelist. Examples of applicable services include:

  • Private FTP/SFTP servers that Uberflip connects to in order to download PDFs to convert to Flipbooks
  • Private RSS feeds that are connected to Streams in your Uberflip Hub
  • Marketing Automation Platforms (e.g. Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, etc.) or Custom Form CTAs that Uberflip connects to for progressive profiling of visitors and for capturing Form CTA submissions and activity data


Legacy Inbound/Outbound IPs

Prior to Uberflip's migration to AWS, our legacy infrastructure used the following range of IP addresses for both inbound and outbound connections: -

While the migration is ongoing (expected to be complete by end of July 2019), IP addresses in the range shown above may still be used by some Uberflip services. As a result, you should add this range to any applicable inbound and outbound IP whitelists that you use.

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