Customize the Content on Your Hub's Homepage


Learn how to customize your Hub's homepage to control the content that's displayed there.


Before You Begin

  • To customize a Hub's homepage, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.


Replace Latest Content with a Marketing Stream

Any visitor who comes to your Hub's main domain will see its homepage. By default, your Hub homepage displays the Latest Content Stream, a feed of all the most recently published Items across your Hub. But if you prefer to have direct control over the content shown here, you can replace the Latest Content Stream with any Marketing Stream of your choice. Since you can choose exactly which Items appear in a Marketing Stream, doing this allows you to control which Items you want to be shown on your Hub's homepage.

  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub whose homepage you want to customize.
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left, click on the Hub Options section to expand it, then click on Advanced:
  3. On the right side, look for the section Content Experience near the top.
  4. Under this section, find the option Replace Home Page with a Marketing Stream. Use the dropdown next to this option to choose the Marketing Stream you want to use instead of the Latest Content Stream:
    • You can choose from among any of the existing Marketing Streams in your Hub, including any that are hidden.
  5. When you make your selection using the dropdown, the change will be saved automatically, and a new option will appear: Link Content to Original Source Stream.
  6. The new option will be enabled by default, but you can also disable it if desired:
    • When this setting is turned on, clicking on any Item on the homepage (i.e. in the selected Marketing Stream) will take visitors to the clicked Item in its original Source Stream, rather than the selected Marketing Stream.
    • When this setting is turned off, clicking on any Item on the homepage will take visitors to the clicked Item in the selected Marketing Stream.
  7. That's it! Your change will take effect immediately, and content from the selected Marketing Stream will appear on your Hub's homepage instead of a feed of the most recently published content.



  • Any CTAs that you have placed within or beside the Latest Content Stream will not be transferred to a newly selected Marketing Stream. If you'd like CTAs to appear on the Hub homepage, you would have to create new placements for them on the selected Marketing Stream.
  • You can always switch back to the Latest Content Stream at any time, if you want - just select it from the dropdown menu next to Replace Home Page with a Marketing Stream in Step 4, above.
  • When you choose a Marketing Stream to be shown on your Hub's homepage, its title and description will not be shown there. Instead, you need to customize the "Latest Content" label using the Custom Labels feature.
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