Replace an Entire Flipbook


If you need to make major changes to an existing Flipbook and the Page Replacement tool can't do the job, you can use the Replace Flipbook tool instead. Here's how.


Before You Begin

  • To use the Page Replacement tool, you need to be a member of the Account Admin, Content Manager or Developer/Designer user groups.


About the Replace Flipbook Tool

If you've uploaded a PDF to create a Flipbook, but discovered post-upload that there's an typo or some other kind of error, you can often use the Page Replacement tool to swap out the problem pages. But the Page Replacement tool has some limitations: it can replace pages one-for-one, but it can't add or remove any pages. If your Flipbook is missing pages or has extra pages that you need to remove, you can use the Replace Flipbook tool instead.

Using this tool will cost one upload credit, just like creating a brand-new Flipbook. However, the benefit of using the Replace Flipbook tool over simply deleting the Flipbook and uploading a new copy is that using it preserves the Flipbook's URL — so if you've already promoted that URL, fixing the underlying Flipbook won't break the shared links.

Flipbook Credit Exception

Replacing a Flipbook in your account will not cost an upload credit if you are on an Exclusive, Elite or Enterprise pack type.

Before using the Replace Flipbook tool, be sure to review the following to understand what will be preserved, and what will be deleted, as a result of using the tool to replace a Flipbook.

Elements deleted from a Flipbook when using the Replace Flipbook tool (if present):

  • Bookmarks and notes made with the Annotation Tool
  • Any changes made to page text and table of contents
  • Clippings
  • Links
  • Advertiser index
  • Tabs
  • Audio/video placements
    • The videos themselves will be preserved; only the placements are deleted
  • Page Widgets

 Elements preserved in a Flipbook when using the Replace Flipbook tool (if present):

  • All Uberflip Analytics data associated with the Flipbook
  • Any Items in your Hub that refer to the Flipbook
  • Auto-Link jobs that were previously run on the Flipbook
  • Features Flipbook settings in any Library Apps
  • Legacy Metrics email sets
  • Geo campaigns


Replace a Flipbook

You can open the Replace Flipbook tool on any existing Flipbook.

  1. Log in to Uberflip and click on Flipbooks.
  2. Use the dropdown menu on the left under Select a Folder to Manage to choose the Folder which contains the Flipbook you want to work on.
  3. Inside the Folder view, click on the Flipbook to open its Flipbook Settings & Options screen.
  4. Under the Flipbook Options section near the bottom, find the Replace Flipbook button (under the Manage column) and click on it to open the tool:
  5. A warning pop-up will appear, asking if you're sure you want to replace the Flipbook. Make sure you understand the consequences of proceeding, then click on the Replace Flipbook button.
  6. You'll be taken to the standard PDF upload menu (the same as when you upload a PDF to create a new Flipbook). Simply choose the PDF you want to use to replace the existing Flipbook and configure any options as necessary. For help with this, see this article.
  7. Once the upload and conversion completes, the new PDF will replace your existing Flipbook, preserving its URL/links.
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