Duplicate Items showing in Stream on Hub



Item tiles repeated on the frontend (Stream homepage), but not in the backend (list of Streams).

  • Items displaying more than once in a Stream
  • Duplicate Items in Stream



  • Where: Duplicate tiles seen on the live stream page, but not in the backend of the hub
  • Who: Anyone viewing a Stream homepage
  • When: Anytime when viewing a Stream homepage
  • Any browser seems affected by this issue
  • Any operating system seems affected by this issue


Steps to Fix (Workaround)

  1. View the Stream's main page (in the frontend) in your browser
  2. Locate the first repeating/duplicate tile in the Stream
  3. In a separate tab, view the Stream in the Hub backend
  4. Click-and-drag the first duplicate tile (from step 2) to reposition it left or right by 1 tile
  5. Click-and-drag the same tile back to its original position
  6. Reload the Stream's homepage in the frontend
  7. The repeating tile(s) issue should now be corrected


Additional Notes

Due to the rare nature of this issue, Uberflip's Development team is actively working to isolate the root cause of this issue to deploy a permanent fix.

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