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With the upcoming release of Uberflip Analytics, we will start setting additional cookies on all Hubs to capture more granular analytics data. Here's what you need to know.

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What's changing?

Uberflip sets a number of browser cookies to support various functions of our platform. These cookies are set in a visitor's browser whenever they visit a page on which Uberflip platform content is shown. Uberflip cookies are set when visiting:

  • Any page in your Hub(s)
  • Any Flipbook
  • Any domain on which you are using Site Engager

In addition to the cookies we already set, we will be making the following changes to support our upcoming Uberflip Analytics feature:

  • We're adding two additional cookies
  • We will also begin creating one or more entries in sessionStorage

Both the cookies and the sessionStorage entries will be set for any visitor to an Uberflip Hub, Flipbook, or domain with Site Engager enabled. These changes will take effect starting on May 30th, 2019.


Why is Uberflip making these changes?

Uberflip Analytics will offer significantly improved metrics for your Uberflip account, and the purpose of these changes is to capture more granular information about visitors, sessions, and browser windows/tabs. While we're making these changes now, Uberflip Analytics will not be released until approximately two months later. We are doing this so that multiple months worth of data will be available in Uberflip Analytics on release.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for these changes?

There are two things you should do to get ready for these changes:

  • Check for conflicts
    While it's unlikely, cookies you set may have the same name, or sessionStorage entries you create may follow the same pattern, as the new cookies/entries Uberflip is setting. If you find a conflict, please adjust your cookie name(s) and/or sessionStorage entry patterns accordingly. If you do not resolve any conflicts, Uberflip Analytics will be unable to properly record metrics for your Uberflip account.
  • Update your privacy/cookie policies
    If you have a privacy policy and/or cookie policy anywhere on your Hub, or on a website where Site Engager is enabled, and it separately lists each cookie on the relevant web property, you should update the policy to include these new cookies.

For the details about the cookies and sessionStorage entries you'll need to complete these steps, please refer to the Technical Information section below.


If you are already participating in a beta related to Uberflip Analytics, you may already be setting the new cookies/creating the new sessionStorage entries. If this is the case, this is not a conflict. You only need to look for conflicts with cookies/entries that have not been created by Uberflip.


How do these changes affect me in terms of GDPR or my privacy policy?

Here are the facts about the new cookies and sessionStorage entries that are relevant to GDPR, other privacy regulations, or your privacy policy:

  • The new cookies and sessionStorage entries store random identifiers only. Therefore, they do not contain any of the following:
    • Confidential or personally identifiable information (PII)
    • Information sourced from Form CTAS, connected Marketing Automation Platforms, or other connected systems
  • The new cookies are best characterized as "performance and functionality" cookies for the purposes of the GDPR. They are used to enhance the performance and functionality of your Hub, Flipbook, or website, but are not essential to its use. Without these cookies, certain functionality like content recommendations or dynamic content will not function.


I use the Uberflip privacy features on my Hub. How do these changes affect those features?

If you have Uberflip privacy features enabled on your Hub, the new cookies will fall under the "Uberflip" functionality, and will be associated with the Privacy Group that you have assigned the Uberflip functionality to. This means that the new cookies (as well as the existing ones) will be set only if and when a visitor opts into this Privacy Group.


Technical Information

Below are the technical details about the new cookies and sessionStorage entries. You can use this information to check for conflicts and update your privacy/cookie policies.


Name Expiration Secured Size
_ufav 365 days Yes (on domains with HTTPS only) 32 bytes
_ufas 60 minutes Yes (on domains with HTTPS only) 32 bytes
  • Both cookies will be set on any domain hosting a Hub, Flipbooks, or websites with Site Engager enabled.
  • On domains using HTTPS (SSL/TLS), the cookie will be set securely and only sent on encrypted requests.
  • On domains using HTTP, the cookie will be set insecurely and sent on unencrypted requests.


HTML5 Web Storage

HTML5 Web Storage allows web applications to store data in a user's browser, similar to cookies. There are two objects in which data can be stored, window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage. You can learn more about HTML5 Web Storage here.

  • Uberflip will create one or more entries in window.sessionStorage only. Entries created in this object expire (and are deleted) when the relevant browser tab (or window) is closed.
  • The entries will be in the following format: _ufaw_<unique identifier>_<unique identifier>
    • Example: _ufaw_fc5b7adcb5c14c7ba967488c6d8a51fb_8e1b85fe1d774de49b6092ae03089cc7

Info: Cookies vs. HTML5 Web Storage

Here are the main differences between cookies and HTML5 web storage:

  Cookies HTML5 Web Storage
Behavior Included automatically on any request sent to the Hub, Flipbook, or website domain. Increases the size of requests. Not included automatically on requests. Does not affect the size of requests.
Scope All browser windows and tabs have the same value. Each browser window and tab has a different value.
Expiration Have explicit expiration times.

localStorage has no expiration.

sessionStorage expires when the relevant browser window/tab is closed.

You can also learn more about sessionStorage specifically here.

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