Stuck in a loop when trying to log in to the Uberflip extension



The Uberflip Chrome extension and Outlook add-in are being retired. As of Dec. 18th 2022 these tools will no longer be available. To learn more, check out: Announcement: The Uberflip Chrome extension & Outlook add-in are being retired.  


When trying to log in to the Uberflip extension, clicking on Submit returns you to the login page, instead of successfully logging in.

  • In the extension for Chrome or Gmail, I enter my user name and password and click submit. I get brought back to the login page. Why does this keep happening?
  • I can't login to the extension, it keeps asking me for my username again.
  • Can't get past extension login


  • Where: Uberflip extension for Chrome or Gmail
  • Who: All users
  • When: Logging into the Uberflip extension or into the Gmail section of the extension
  • Occurs when clicking Submit to log in to the Uberflip extension, on the sign in page.
  • User has adblocking or privacy software such as Ghostery installed.



When you sign in, the Uberflip extension has to set a cookie in your browser to complete the login process. If you use adblocking software, it can block this cookie from being set. The login can't be completed in this case, so you are returned to the login page.


Steps to Fix

  1. Open the settings for your adblocking/privacy software in your browser.
  2. Pause or disable the adblocking/privacy software, or set a rule to allow the blocked cookies to be set (if applicable).
  3. Perform a hard refresh on the page.
  4. Try to sign in to the extension again.
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