Hide or delete (archive) an Item


Want to hide or delete an Item that's currently published in your Hub? This article will show you how.

Deleting a Flipbook?

Hiding or deleting a Flipbook in a Hub/Stream will make it unavailable for viewing in the Hub/Streams, but it won't remove it from your account. This means you won't regain the Flipbook's spot towards your account's Flipbook limit using the methods in this article. 

To remove it from your account, you must delete it from the Flipbook folder

Once you've published an Item on your Uberflip Hub, you can't "unpublish" it in the sense of returning it to a draft state.

However, you can make an Item unavailable, while still being able to retrieve it (and publish it again) later, there are two ways to do this:


Hide an Item

If you want the Item to no longer be visible in any of the Streams that it has been added to, you can hide it. Keep in mind that hiding an Item will make it invisible in the context of its Streams, but not inaccessible, so anyone who has the direct URL to the Item will still be able to view it.

To hide an Item, go to Hub > Content > Items tab. Open the Item you want to hide, then click on its Metadata tab. Scroll down to the Status dropdown and change it to Hide:


The change will take effect right away, and will be saved automatically.


Delete (archive) an Item

If you want to make sure that the Item is completely inaccessible, even to anyone who has its direct URL, you can "delete" it.


"Deleting" an Item in Uberflip is more like archiving it, as it can be fully recovered at anytime.

Deleting it will remove the Item from all Streams and move it to the Deleted Items page. When an Item has been deleted, you can still recover it later if needed.

To archive an Item, go to Hub > Content > Items tab. Find the Item you want to archive, hover over it, and click the Trash icon that appears.Fullscreen_2019-03-20__1_01_PM.png

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