Form CTA checkbox data not recorded in Pardot



Checkbox field not working on Form CTAs connected to Pardot.

  • Pardot Form CTA contains a checkbox field
  • Form CTA is submitted with checkbox checked
  • Checkbox field in Pardot stays blank



  • Where: Form CTAs connected to Pardot
  • Form CTA contains a checkbox field
  • Checkbox field is connected to a Custom Field in Pardot with the type "Checkbox" and set to "Use pre-defined values":
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



This issue happens when you create a checkbox-type Custom Field in Pardot and add more than one value, like this:


Or no values, like this:



Steps to Fix

To resolve this issue, modify all checkbox-type Custom Fields in Pardot so that they contain only one value:

  1. Log in to Pardot as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields 
  3. Under the Custom Fields section, click on the field you want to modify.
  4. In the top right corner, click on Edit custom prospect field.
  5. Remove all but one of the values listed under the Values section.

Note that this resolution will not fix the issue retroactively: all previous Form CTA submissions that took place while a checkbox field was misconfigured will still be missing data for that checkbox.


Additional Notes

Because a checkbox is Boolean, it can only be TRUE/FALSE. However, the Pardot Custom Field interface has a design flaw, in that it allows you to create multiple values. As a result, it's intuitive to set up something like this for a checkbox:


 But actually, Pardot intends for you to do something like this:


In other words, for a checkbox-type field, you should only set up one value — which is actually a value type, i.e. Boolean. However, the interface does not prevent an invalid configuration with multiple values.

Because Uberflip's integration with Pardot expects just one value for checkboxes, it does not know which value to write to when there are multiple options. As a result, it will not write anything, resulting in a blank for the corresponding checkbox field in Pardot.

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