Can't sign up for an Uberflip Help account



Can't proceed when trying to register for an Uberflip help account.

  • Chrome: After clicking on the Sign Up button, an error is displayed: “ refused to connect.”
  • Safari: Nothing happens when clicking on the Sign up button
  • Firefox: After clicking on the Sign up button, the registration dialog box simply disappears
  • Edge: After clicking on the Sign up button, an error is displayed: "This content can't be shown in a frame."



  • Where: Uberflip Help registration dialog box (Click on Sign In > Sign up on Uberflip Help)
  • Error: "Cookies must be enabled in your browser to sign in. Click here to enable them."
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



Uberflip Help runs on Zendesk, which requires a third-party cookie for signup or login. If this cookie can't be set, the signup/login functionality breaks. Most browsers can be configured to block third-party cookies, so this issue will usually occur when your browser is set up to do this.


Steps to Fix

To resolve the issue, you must configure your browser to accept (i.e. stop blocking) third-party cookies. Browser-specific instructions are below.

As an alternative, you may also use a different browser that is not set to block third-party cookies when you want to register or log in to Uberflip Helps.


In Chrome, you will need to disable the setting Block third-party cookies:


For instructions on where to find the cookie settings in Chrome, see this article from Google (under Change your cookie settings > Block cookies from other sites).


Additional Notes

  • Chrome is the browser most likely to be affected, because its setting for blocking third-party cookies is fairly aggressive (it blocks all third-party cookies by default). By comparison, Firefox defaults to blocking only tracker-related cookies, rather than all third-party cookies, so it is typically not affected:


  • Regardless of your cookie settings, Internet Explorer 11 appears to be unaffected by this issue.
  • Zendesk has indicated that the use of third-party cookies is important to their security architecture (see here), so they are unfortunately unlikely to change this requirement.
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  • To enable Safari on Mac, go to Safari/Preferences/Privacy and uncheck the box labeled "Prevent cross-site tracking"

    This is confirmed to work for Safari Version 13.1 (14609.

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  • Thanks for reporting this, Tom! I just did some testing, and found I was able to leave the option "Prevent cross-site tracking" checked in Safari and still sign up. Worth noting that I did test on a different version than you, Safari 13.0.3 (15608. I believe this is the current stable version (at this time Safari 13.1 is in beta).

    Here's what I found:

    With "Prevent cross-site tracking" checked, Zendesk recognizes that there is an issue, and displays this message:

    "Your browser restricts cookie usage. Click here to restart your sign in."

    If you click on the link and try again, the process completes successfully. This appears to work if "Prevent cross-site tracking" is checked but NOT if "Block all cookies" is also checked.

    The "prevent cross-site tracking" option is an important privacy setting, so I wouldn't want to encourage our customers to disable it unless absolutely necessary. For right now, I can confirm you can leave it checked and still sign up, but the requirement to uncheck "Block all cookies" remains. When Safari 13.1 is in wide release, I'll test again and see if our recommendation needs to change.

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