Unwanted ads appear on Hub



Ads are being displayed on a Hub.

  • A "Sponsored Links" section appears near the bottom of the page, like this:



  • Where: Item pages
  • Disqus integration is enabled on affected Hub
  • User has a basic (free) Disqus account
  • All browsers
  • All operating systems



Ads, in the form of "Sponsored Links", are part of Disqus. If you integrate Disqus with your Hub for comments, and are using a free Disqus account, Disqus will serve ads on any page where Disqus comments appear. These ads can only be disabled on paid Disqus subscriptions.

You can learn more about Disqus advertising settings in this article from Disqus.


Steps to Fix

If you want to remove the Disqus ads from your Hub, you have two options:

  1. Remove the Disqus integration from your Hub (Integrations > Disqus > Disconnect). This option will of course remove all Disqus commenting functionality from the Hub.
  2. Upgrade to a paid Disqus subscription, which enables the ability to remove ads. This option will allow you to retain Disqus commenting functionality on your Hub.


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