Why is the image cropped when I share an Item?



When I try to share content on social media or other websites, the thumbnail is not fully showing — it looks cut off. Why is this happening?



When you share content from your Hub on the web, the service you're sharing on will look at the shared content's Open Graph (OG) tags to determine what to display in the preview. In most cases, the thumbnail for the preview will be taken from the og:image tag. Uberflip automatically populates the og:image tag with an image based on what's being shared: for example, if you share an Item, the Item's thumbnail will be used. (For more information about how this works, see this article).

Many websites and other services expect the the og:image tag to contain a rectangular image, typically with an aspect ratio of around 1.9:1 (or sometimes 2:1). For example, 1.9:1 is what Facebook recommends. As a result, if the image from your Hub (e.g. the Item thumbnail) is taller than this, it will be cropped down to 1.9:1 when shared, and will appear cut off.

Unfortunately, there's currently no way to override the default image and use a custom image for the og:image tag. If you encounter this issue, you can resolve it by ensuring your Hub's images are as close as possible to a 1.9:1 ratio. You can also check out this article to see what image dimensions we generally recommend for your Hub.

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