Images from a WordPress blog do not appear in Uberflip



Featured Images on a WordPress blog post do not appear when the post is imported into Uberflip.

  • Blog image missing
  • WordPress blog image not being imported
  • WordPress Featured Image missing in Uberflip
  • On Blog Streams that are connected to a WordPress blog, Featured Images are missing from posts



  • Where: Item in a Blog Stream
  • Who: Any user
  • When: While viewing the Item, both in the user-facing Hub and the backend
  • Blog Stream source is a WordPress RSS feed
  • Affected image in WordPress is a Featured Image
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



When you import a blog into Uberflip as a Blog Stream, we use the source blog's RSS feed to pull in the content. Uberflip will automatically look for images in the RSS feed, and mostly this works fine.

However, WordPress actually does not include Featured Images in their RSS feed. That's why, if your blog is on WordPress and you use Featured Images, these images don't show up in Uberflip when you import the blog.


Steps to Fix

To fix, ensure that Featured Images are included in your WordPress RSS feed. Currently, WordPress does not have built-in functionality to allow this, but you can achieve the desired result using a WordPress plugin.

We can't recommend any particular plugin, but you can use this sample search as a starting point. In general, any plugin that includes Features Images in your RSS feed should work for bringing those images into your Uberflip Hub.


Additional Notes

You should also make sure that your images meet our minimum size requirements and the RSS feed is correctly formatted so that Uberflip can pull in images successfully.

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