Set Up Passphrase Authentication for Flipbook Folders


All account levels have access to the passphrase security control option, which gives you some control over access to your Flipbooks.


About Passphrase Authentication for Flipbook Folders

This security option can be turned on for a Folder and force users to enter a password or access code in order to view any Flipbook under that Folder.  It's a very simple way you can protect your content and only serve to those who are authorized.


Step 1: Access Security or Subscription Configuration

To configure access control for your Flipbooks:

  1. Click on "Flipbooks" > "Manage Flipbooks" in the Top Menu Bar.
  2. Choose the Folder to which you want to control access (if you only have 1 Folder, it will already be chosen).
  3. Click on the "Edit" button in the "Security or Subscription" section.



Step 2: Choose the Passphrase Use-Case



Step 3: Setup your Login Screen Challenge


Click on the "Login Settings" and configure your login popup window:

  1. Your Passphrase: Enter the secret phrase/word that user is required to enter to view the content.
  2. Custom Login Screen Message (optional):  Enter any custom message using text, HTML, JS, CSS you want to appear on the passphrase challenge screen.
  3. 'Help' website link  (optional): Enter a website users can access to obtain help or the secret passphrase and it will be displayed on the login challenge.


Step 4: Allow for Previewing of Pages without Logging In


You can allow visitors to preview the first few pages of your publication to give them a sneak peak into what they are in store for if they signup or obtain the password required to view the content.  There will be a 'Preview" button on the login popup if this option is enabled.

Just click on the "Preview Settings" options then:

  1. Check the box to 'Allow a short preview for non-members'.
  2. Set the number of pages that you want to allow visitors to view before the login challenge pops up again.

Whenever you are ready to apply the new settings, click the "Savebutton and all Flipbooks under the Folder will be protected!

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