Control access to Flipbooks


Controlling access to your Flipbooks can be done in a variety of ways.  Access control is defined at the Folder level and will apply to all Flipbooks that belong under that Folder.

Looking to disable or delete a Flipbook?

Check out: Disable or delete a Flipbook


About Flipbook security

Flipbook Security options range from simple password protection, to email harvesting, to requiring a valid username and password to login, to leveraging the feature along with API for custom access solutions. There are options where you can leverage Uberflip's own Subscription System or connect to your own database of subscribers for a custom solution.

Please note that not all features are available to all pack types - check your account permissions or contact us if you're not sure.


Configure access control on a folder

To configure access control for your Flipbooks:

  1. Click Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks in the Top Menu Bar
  2. Choose the Folder you want to control access to (if you only have 1 Folder, it will already be chosen)
  3. Click Edit button in the Security or Subscription section
  4. Choose an access control method:
    Depending on the level of account you have, you'll have access to a variety of ways to control access. All options available across all account levels are listed below. 

    Once you select your use-case, complete all configuration steps and click save to implement your access control.  
    1. Passphrase:  Use a password or access code to protect content
    2. Email Harvesting - Passive (Desktop Support Only):  Visitors will have access to a "Subscribe" call-to-action button where they can voluntarily signup for email alerts
    3. Email Harvesting - Forced:  Visitors are required to fill out a form prior to gaining access to read your content
    4. Subscription Management - Free: Visitors can signup for free and choose their own username and password
    5. Subscription Management - Payment Required:  Require users to pay for access to the content through a Paypal Integration
    6. Remote Authentication:  Leverage your own member database or website login to control access.  A custom script that will link a Flipbook login to your own database is required.
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