Set up or edit a Google Analytics integration


Learn how to integrate your Hub with Google Analytics to gain more insight into Hub visitor behavior. And learn how to update your Google tag ID in Uberflip if needed.


Before You Begin

  • To set up a Google Analytics integration, you need to be in at least one of the Account Administrator, Content Manager or Demand Generation user groups.
  • You will also need a Google Analytics account (sign up for free here).


About the Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a powerful and popular website analytics tool, so there's a good chance you're already using it with your other web properties.

If you're not already using Google Analytics, we highly recommend signing up and integrating it with your Hub. It's free to use, and can offer you a wealth of insights into how visitors interact with your Hub.

With Google Analytics in your Hub, you can:

  • Track the referral paths of your traffic (i.e. whether someone came to your Hub from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, paid advertising, or a search engine)
  • Map your visitors' behavioral flows through your Hub
  • Track conversion events (Form CTA submissions) inside Google Analytics
  • See how paid traffic you're sending to your Hub is performing
  • Benchmark your Hub's performance against other websites in your industry or vertical

All of this data can help you to better target and focus your content and get more out your Hub.


Prerequisite: Get your Google Analytics Tracking ID

To set up a Google Analytics integration, you'll need to get your Google Analytics Tracking ID. This is a unique ID which identifies the specific web property you want to track in Google Analytics.

To get your Tracking ID, create a new property in Google Analytics. See this article from Google for instructions on how to create a new property and get its Tracking ID.

If you already have an existing Tracking ID for your main website, you also have the option of using the same Tracking ID for your Hub. You might prefer this option if your Hub is effectively a "section" of your main website (rather than a standalone experience), and you want your metrics and reporting to reflect this. If you want to use your existing Tracking ID for your Hub, see this article from Google for instructions on how to find it.


Even if you choose to use the same Tracking ID for both your main website and your Hub, you can still separate out the Hub-related data if needed. To do this, add a new view in Google Analytics, then apply a filter that removes all non-Hub-related data from the view. Check out Set Up a Hub-Specific View in Google Analytics to see how.


Add or edit your Google Analytics tracking ID

  1. Log in to your Uberflip account and select the Hub on you want to add or update your tracking code on
  2. In the sidebar, click Integrations > Connected Services
  3. Find Google Analytics in the list of services, then click Connect or Edit beside it
  4. A modal will open. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the field provided. Note:
    • Include the prefix in the ID (e.g. G-12345)
    • Use the Measurement ID from Google Analytics (not the Stream ID)
    • This field accepts GA4 and Universal Analytics IDs
  5. Click Connect. You'll be returned to the to the Integrations page in your Hub, where you'll now see your tracking ID listed next to Google Analytics.

That's it! Google Analytics is now connected to your Hub, and will began tracking visitors.

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