Will an imported blog post be updated if the original blog post changes?



I imported posts from a blog into a Blog Stream using RSS. If I make a change to a post in the original blog, will the corresponding Item in Uberflip be updated as well?



In general, yes: if you import a blog post into Uberflip and then subsequently edit that post in the source blog, the post in Uberflip will also be updated automatically. For this to happen, the following conditions must be met:

  • The blog Item must not be edited in Uberflip: as soon as any changes are made to an imported blog Item in Uberflip, it is considered distinct from the original blog post, and the link between them is severed permanently.
  • The original blog post must still be available in the RSS feed: once the original blog post drops off the RSS feed, we are no longer able to query it for updates.
  • The original blog post must be within the most recent 200 items in the RSS feed: even if the original blog post is still in the RSS feed, Uberflip will only check the most recent 200 items for updates.

Note also that this applies only to modifying the original post. If you delete (rather than change) the original blog post, the imported Item will not be deleted, and will remain in Uberflip.

What about other types of Items?

The same principle applies to Items in all other types of Source Streams as well, e.g. Video, Social, and Docs (except Flipbooks): in general, modifying the source content will modify the imported Item in Uberflip, unless it has been modified in Uberflip first.


Technical Details

If you're interested in the technical nuts and bolts behind this answer, here's how the process works:

  • When you import a blog post via RSS, Uberflip takes the unique identifier of the post (the GUID) and saves it to the External ID field of the corresponding Uberflip Item. This shared identifier is what links the original blog post with the Uberflip Item.
  • Approximately every 20 minutes, Uberflip runs an automation that checks the RSS feed connected to a Blog Stream for updates. In addition to looking for new posts in the feed, the automation also checks if any posts in the feed have the same GUID as an Item in the connected Blog Stream in Uberflip.
  • For any post and Item pair with matching GUIDs, the automation then compares the Date Modified field on each one: if the value in this field is more recent on the blog post than on the Uberflip Item, the automation assumes that the blog post must have been updated since the Item was created or last updated. In such cases, Uberflip reimports the updated blog post and updates the corresponding Item's content, Tile thumbnail and Date Modified values.
  • If you make any changes to an Uberflip Item that was imported from an RSS feed, Uberflip will remove that Item's original GUID from the External ID field, and replace it with a different GUID to signify the Uberflip Item is now distinct from the original blog post. This why Items that have been modified in Uberflip aren't updated if their original blog post is changed: because the post and Item no longer have matching GUIDs, the automation doesn't consider the blog post in the RSS feed to be the same as the Uberflip Item.
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