Will an imported blog post be updated if the original blog post changes?



I imported posts from a blog into a Blog Stream using RSS. If I make a change to a post in the original blog, will the corresponding Item in Uberflip be updated as well?



In general, yes: if you import a blog post into Uberflip and then subsequently edit that post in the source blog, the post in Uberflip will also be updated automatically. For this to happen, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Blog Item must not be edited in Uberflip: as soon as any changes are made to an imported Blog Item in Uberflip, it is considered distinct from the original blog post, and the link between them is severed permanently
  • The original blog post must still be available in the RSS feed: once the original blog post drops off the RSS feed, we are no longer able to query it for updates
  • The original blog post must be within the most recent 50 items in the RSS feed: Even if the original blog post is still in the RSS feed, Uberflip will only check the most recent 50 items for updates

What if I delete the original post?

As you might be wondering, here's a related question: if you delete (rather than change) the original blog post, does the imported blog post get deleted too?

The answer is no: even if all the conditions above are met, deleting the original post will not delete the imported post.



In case you're wondering about the technical details, here's how it works:

When you import a blog post via RSS, Uberflip takes the unique identifier of the post (GUID) and saves it to the External ID field of the corresponding Blog Item. This shared identifier is what links the original post with the Uberflip Blog Item.

In ca. 20-minute intervals, Uberflip runs an automatic job that inspects the RSS feed and compares the original posts with the Blog Items. If the Date Modified value on an original blog post is more recent than on the Blog Item with the same identifier, we assume that the original post has been modified. In such cases, Uberflip will update the Item's content, Tile thumbnail and Date Modified value by re-importing from the RSS feed.

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