Create a Processing Step for Form CTA Data in Oracle Eloqua



When you create a Form CTA that feeds data to Oracle Eloqua, this data is recorded on an Eloqua Form. To actually create contacts in Eloqua from the data captured on the Form, you have to add a Processing Step to that Form. This article describes how to add the required Processing Step to any Eloqua Form that you want to use with a Form CTA.


Add a Processing Step to an Eloqua Form

You should complete these steps on any Eloqua Form that you intend to connect to a Form CTA.

  1. Log in to your Oracle Eloqua account.
  2. In Eloqua, go to Assets > Forms in the top menu bar.
  3. Click on Open an Existing Form.
  4. Open the Form that you want to use with your Form CTA.
  5. Click on Processing in the top right corner.
  6. Click on the + button next to Processing Steps.
  7. Click on Update Contacts - With Form Data in the menu that appears.
  8. Under General Settings, use the dropdown menu to select Email Address as the field that uniquely identifies a contact.
  9. Under This Processing Step Executes..., choose Always.

  10. Click Save.
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