What happens if I delete a blog that I have imported into my Hub with RSS?



I have created a Blog Stream in Uberflip by importing an RSS feed from my existing blog. If I now delete the original blog, what happens to the Blog Stream?



When you import a blog into your Hub with RSS, Uberflip pulls in existing posts on that blog to create content Items in the Blog Stream. These Items are created from the original blog's posts, but are completely separate and no longer tied to them after creation. As a result, deleting the original blog will not cause the corresponding Items to be deleted from the Blog Stream.

However, importing a blog with RSS also automatically brings in any associated images (post thumbnails and body images). Rather than importing and hosting these images, Uberflip displays them by linking to their location in the original blog. Deleting the original blog will also delete the images, which means that they will no longer be displayed in your Blog Stream.

If you have imported a blog into your Hub with RSS and want to delete the original blog, you will need to migrate the images to Uberflip. To do that, please contact us for help.

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