Embed a YouTube Video into a Blog Post


Learn how you can embed videos from YouTube in your blog posts.


Before You Begin

  • To create or modify blog posts, you need to be an Account Admin, Content Manager or Author.


Embed a YouTube Video in a Blog Stream Item

YouTube helpfully provides embed codes for all videos, which means it's easy to embed videos in your Blog Stream Items.

  1. Start by going to the YouTube video that you want to embed. Click on the Share button:

  2. The Share a link overlay will appear. Click on the Embed button.

  3. The overlay will change to display Embed Video options. Look for the embed code on the right side and copy it (you can click on the Copy button in the lower right).

  4. Now, log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Blog Stream Item where you want to embed the video (or create a new Item). Open the Item so that you are viewing it in Edit Article mode.
  5. In the article editor toolbar, click on the Source button:

  6. Now, simply paste in the embed code you copied from YouTube in the place in the article where you want it to appear:

  7. Click on the Source button again to exit source code mode, and you should see that an IFRAME placeholder now appears where you placed the embed code:

  8. Click on Publish when you're ready, and the video will appear within the placeholder when you view the article on your Hub:

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