Original Blog URL looks strange on the URL Mapping (for 301 redirects) page


The problem

  • I am migrating a blog to Uberflip, and when I go to the redirect page to get the old URLs, I don't see the original URL
  • Instead, I see numbers and letters with dashes inside curly brackets, for example {36A82D82-3E3B-40B1-B00E-2839BF17I87E}




  • Affects Blog Streams on Uberflip Hubs
  • This happens on the Migrate Your Old Blog To Your Hub page (Hubs > Content > click on a Blog Stream > Hamburger Menu > URL Mapping (for 301 redirects))
  • This can happen in any browser


What causes this issue

The cryptic "code" that you see under the Original URL column is a GUID, or Globally Unique Identifier. GUIDs are used to uniquely identify various things, including blog posts in an RSS feed. However, there should also be a traditional URL available.


Steps to fix it

You can fix the problem by switching the URLs displayed in Uberflip to the permalink:

  1. Go to the Migrate Your Old Blog to Your Hub page: Hubs > Content > Blog Stream > Hamburger Menu > URL Mapping (for 301 redirects)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Originals URLs not displaying correctly? Try using the "permalink" value
  3. Click on the link for Try using the "permalink" value
  4. The page will refresh, and should now display usable URLs under the Original URL column
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