Requirements and Recommendations for PDFs


To get the best results when you convert your PDFs to Flipbooks, follow these requirements and formatting guidelines.


Basic Requirements

  • All pages must be merged into one file (we recommend using an Optimized PDF)
    • However, we do not recommend binding multiple PDF files into a PDF Package
  • Single-page cropped layout (no double-page spreads), with any crop marks removed
  • All pages in the same orientation: either all-portrait or all-landscape, not mixed
  • Pages in the correct order (can't be re-ordered after upload)
  • Secured PDFs can be used, but security settings will be removed during conversion


Sizes and Dimensions

  • Maximum page number is 1200 pages per file (but may be lower based on your specific subscription type)
  • Maximum file size is 500 MB
  • Maximum single-page surface area is 430 square inches
  • No minimum size requirement for page area, but we recommend PDFs be at least 5 inches on all sides (wide/tall) for acceptable quality on larger displays


Text and Fonts

  • Text should be "real" text (not images of text) to ensure it looks sharp when zoomed and can be parsed by search engines
  • Embed all fonts used in the PDF
  • Avoid CID and Embedded Open Type (EOT) fonts



  • Use RGB Color Space for most accurate color conversion
  • No minimum resolution for images, but we recommend at least 200 DPI for acceptable quality
  • All layers merged
  • All transparencies flattened
  • Avoid overprint elements
  • Delete clipping paths where possible to avoid white "ghost lines" which may appear after conversion
  • Links and bookmarks, including to Named Destinations, will be maintained during conversion
  • Embedded scripts, media (audio/video) and buttons will be removed during conversion, but can be added back post-conversion with the Page Editor
  • PDF Comments will be removed during conversion 
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