Images, text or fonts are missing or look wrong in a Flipbook


The problem

  • When I upload a PDF, the Flipbook doesn't look right: images, text, or fonts are missing/invisible, or look wrong/corrupted
  • In general, the Flipbook looks different than the original PDF, or looks different than what you were expecting



  • This affects PDFs uploaded to Uberflip and converted to Flipbooks
  • You will usually notice the issue when viewing the converted PDF in the Flipbook viewer
  • It generally happens in any browser, and on any OS


What causes this issue

Typically, this happens when a PDF has not been optimized.


Steps to fix it

To resolve this issue, try optimizing your PDF. You can find instructions in this article.

In most cases, optimizing should fix the problem. If it does not, please contact Uberflip Support for help.


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