Get started with the Auto-Link Tool


The Auto-Link Tool can automatically create links in your Flipbooks. Here's an overview of how to use it, and what you can do with it.


Before You Begin

  • To use the Auto-Link Tool, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.


What is the Auto-Link Tool?

The Auto-Link tool automatically creates clickable hyperlinks in Flipbooks from specific types of text. You'll be prompted to use the Auto-Link tool whenever you upload a PDF to Uberflip, but you can also run it at any later time on previously uploaded Flipbooks.


How Does it Work?

The Auto-Link tool scans through the text in a Flipbook and automatically creates links on text strings that meet certain criteria. The default Auto-Link operation finds any text that is either a website URL or an email address and makes them clickable.

In addition, you can also define specific text strings you want to link, along with the link destination (URL), and the Auto-Link tool will find and create links automatically on any matching text in the Flipbook. There are two ways you can define what should be linked:

  • CSV file: Create and upload a table in CSV format that specifies the text strings and destination URLs (useful for large lists of links)
  • Regular Expressions: Use regex to create a "text pattern" to search for, and define the destination URLs to link on any matches


Create Auto-Link Jobs

An Auto-Link job is a specific preset Auto-Link operation. One Auto-Link job is always available by default: linking websites and emails. Once you have uploaded at least one Flipbook to Uberflip, you can create additional CSV and/or regex Auto-Link jobs.

You can run any number of existing Auto-Link jobs (of any type) whenever you upload a PDF, or at any time on an existing Flipbook.

  1. To create a new Auto-Link job, log in to Uberflip and navigate to Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks.

  2. If you have multiple Folders, select the Folder that contains the Flipbook on which you want to run the Auto-Link job.
  3. Click on the Flipbook. This will open the Flipbook Settings & Options window.
  4. Here, look in the Flipbook Options section for the New Auto-Link Job button and click on it.


  5. From here, you can specify the details of the Auto-Link job you want to run. For specific instructions, see below.
  6. The first time you create and run a new Auto-Link job, it will apply to the selected Flipbook. Subsequently, it will also be available to run when you upload new Flipbooks, as well.


Manage Auto-Link Jobs

You can view a previously run Auto-Link job at any time to review and manage the links it created. Existing Auto-Link jobs are listed under the Flipbook(s) on which they were run.

  1. Navigate to Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks again and open the Folder where the Flipbook on which you previously ran the Auto-Link job is located. Click on the Flipbook to open the
  2. Flipbook Settings & Options window.
  3. Click on the Manage Auto-Links button under the Flipbook Options section.


  4. On the next page, you will see a list of previously run Auto-Link jobs on this Flipbook under the Existing Jobs section. Click on any job in this section to view more details in the Job Tasks section on the right:


  5. Click on any task in the Job Tasks section, and you can view a list of all the links created by that task in the Links Created section below. Here, you can view the page the link appears on and its current status (active or inactive). On the right next to each link, you will also see the Edit and Delete buttons:

  6. Click on Edit to edit the link using the Page Editor, or click on Delete to remove the link.
  7. Lastly, you can also switch to a different Folder/Flipbook by using the dropdown menus under the Select Flipbook section at the top of the screen.


Next Steps

See the articles below for instructions on how to set up and run specific kinds of Auto-Link jobs:

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