Flipbook Editor: Modify Flipbook Text


Learn what the Flipbook Editor's Text Tool does, and what you can use it for.


Before You Begin

  • To use the Flipbook Editor, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.
  • To learn about the Flipbook Editor and how to access it, see this article first.


What can the Flipbook page editor text tool do?

Let's start with what it can't do: the Text Tool can't change the text that's displayed in your Flipbook. You'd need to actually edit the underlying PDF for that. To understand what it can do, and why it can be a useful tool, we first need to look at what happens with text when you upload a PDF.

When you upload a PDF to Uberflip, it gets converted into a Flipbook. As part of this conversion process, our system extracts the text from the PDF and stores it in the Flipbook (along with any embedded fonts). This text is not visible to anyone who reads the Flipbook. Instead, this "invisible text" has two uses:

  • Search: Search engines usually can't read a standard PDF, but they can read the accompanying extracted text. This great for surfacing your Flipbook content in search results, both in Google and in Hub Search.
  • Text Only Tool: On mobile devices, Flipbook readers can use a "text only" option, which can make Flipbooks easier to read on smaller screens. When this option is used, the extracted text is what is displayed.

The Flipbook text parser will only be able to extract text from your PDFs if you have embedded your fonts, so you should always make sure to do this when creating PDF content that you intend to present as a Flipbook. The parser is not able to extract:

  • Non-embedded text
  • Text in image format
  • Embedded text that uses a CID-based or Embedded Open Type (EOT) font

Because there's a possibility that your PDF's text hasn't been extracted in full, it's a good idea to check, and to correct any errors that might exist. This is where the Flipbook Editor's Text Tool is useful, because you can use it to review and fix all extracted text in your Flipbook.


View & Modify Extracted Flipbook Text

  1. Open up the Flipbook page Editor for the Flipbook you want to work on.
  2. In the Tools Menu on the right, click on the Text tab.

  3. This tab will display the extracted text from the Flipbook page that is currently displayed in the viewer on the left side:
  4. Check the text for any missing passages or errors. If you need to make any changes, click on the edit button at the bottom of the sidebar menu on the right:
  5. The text in the sidebar will now become editable. Make any necessary changes, then click on Save when you are finished.
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