Recover deleted Items and archived Streams


Need to restore an Item that you deleted or a Stream you archived? Here's how.


Before you begin

  • To recover deleted Items or restore archived Streams, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager. Sales Reps can also restore their own archived Sales Streams.
  • Note that Stream Archiving was introduced with V1294 on January 24th, 2019. Streams that were deleted prior to this date were removed permanently, and can't be restored.


About recovering deleted Items and archived Streams

It happens: you deleted an Item that you didn't mean to delete. Or maybe you archived a Stream and then realized you still needed it. Fortunately, there's an easy fix for both situations.

When you delete an Item, Uberflip actually archives the Item, which involves removing it from all Streams and hiding it from the Hub. This means that you can view a list of all deleted Items at any time, and recover a deleted Item with a single click.

It's similar for Streams: archiving a Stream doesn't delete it, and instead just hides it from your Hub. Archiving a Source Stream also archives the Items it contains, while archiving a Marketing Stream will hide only the Stream itself. As with Items, you can see a list of archived Streams, and restore any of them with a click (provided you have not yet hit your Stream limit).

Limits on Recovering Items

You can recover a deleted Item until its Source Stream reaches the maximum number of Items (e.g. 5000 Items for Blog Streams). Once a Source Stream reaches this limit, the oldest active (non-deleted) Items in the Stream will be purged from the Stream to make room for new Items as they are created. Deleted Items do not count towards the limit (and are not automatically purged). However, once a Stream has reached the limit, you will not be able to recover deleted Items until you have made space in the Stream by manually deleting other Items from it.

Any Items that were archived as a result of archiving their Source Stream can't be recovered the same way as individually deleted Items. However, you can restore such Items by restoring the whole Stream.


Recover a deleted Item

  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub from which you deleted the Item.
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left, click on Content.
  3. On the Manage Content page, click the Items tab.
  4. Click the additional settings button (•••) to the right of the search field.
  5. Click Manage Deleted Items:
  6. The Deleted Items page will appear, showing you all the Items in the current Hub that have been deleted. You can see a count of the number of deleted Items in the top right, along with a search field that you can use to search for the deleted Item you want to restore.
  7. When you find the Item you want to restore, click on its Restore Item button:
  8. Your deleted Item will now be restored to its original Source Stream, as well as any Marketing and Sales Streams that it appeared in before being deleted.


Restore an archived Stream

  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub containing the archived Stream.
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left, click on Content.
  3. Under the Streams tab, click the additional settings button (•••) to the right of the search field.
  4. In the menu that appears, click on Manage Archived Streams.
  5. The Archived Streams view will appear, displaying a list of Streams in the Hub that have been archived:
  6. When you find the Stream you want to restore, click on its Restore Stream button under the Restore column on the right:
  7. Your deleted Stream will now be restored, and will once again appear in your Hub. For Source Streams, the Items in the Stream will also be restored to any Marketing or Sales Streams that they were previously in.
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