Flipbook Editor: Embed Google Maps into a Flipbook


Learn how to embed a map from Google Maps in a Flipbook.


Before You Begin

  • To use the Flipbook Editor, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.
  • To learn about the Flipbook Editor and how to access it, see this article first.


About Embedded Google Maps

One interesting use of the Custom Script Widget is to embed a map from Google Maps into your Flipbook. This is easy to do, because Google provides ready-made HTML embed code that you can simply insert into the Widget.


Embed Google Maps Content in a Flipbook

  1. Start by grabbing the embed code from Google Maps. To do that, find the location you want to embed a map of, then click on the Share button in Google Maps:

  2. The Share window will appear. Click on the Embed a map tab, choose a size using the dropdown on the left, then click on Copy HTML.

  3. Now, open up the Flipbook page editor for the Flipbook you want to work on.
  4. In the Tools Menu on the right, click on the Widgets tab.


  5. In the Flipbook viewer window on the left, click and drag the widget layout tool to position the widget. Use the handles to adjust the size:


  6. In the tools configuration menu in the right sidebar, click on the Custom Script widget:


  7. The configuration window for the Custom Script widget will appear. Paste the embed code you got from Google Maps into the Your Script text field, then click on the Preview button to check if it's working:

  8. If everything looks good, click on Save & Close to insert the embedded map into the layout tool's selection area.
  9. You're done! Your map is now embedded in your Flipbook.
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