Share Hub content with the Uberflip extensions


Your Hub content is made to be shared. Learn how to use the Uberflip extensions for Chrome and Outlook to share your Hub content at any time, on the fly.


The Uberflip Chrome extension and Outlook add-in are being retired. As of Dec. 18th 2022 these tools will no longer be available. To learn more, check out: Announcement: The Uberflip Chrome extension & Outlook add-in are being retired.  

Before you Begin

  • There are no restrictions on using the Uberflip extensions — anyone with an Uberflip account can do this.
  • Using the Uberflip extensions with Sales Streams requires Uberflip for Sales licenses. If you want to use Sales Streams but do not have Uberflip for Sales (or need additional licenses), please contact your Uberflip Customer Success Manager or Sales representative.
  • Before proceeding, you should install the extension you want to use. You can find installation instructions in this article.


About the Uberflip Extensions

Creating a great content experience is only half of the equation —  to get value out of your content, you need to get it in front of your prospects and customers, and that means sharing your Hub content whenever and wherever you can.

If you're not a marketer, you probably don't spend much time in the Uberflip app. To empower users like Sales and Success teams who need a fast, easy way to share content experiences without leaving their regular workspaces, we provide the Uberflip extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook. (Of course, it works just as well for marketers too.)

The Uberflip extensions allow you to quickly share content experiences from your Uberflip Hub without having to leave whatever you were doing: composing a tweet, writing an email or blog post, etc.


With the Uberflip extensions, you can:

  • Browse your Hub content, including filtering and searching Streams and Items
  • Share one or more Items or whole Streams with just a few clicks
  • Quickly create and edit personalized Sales Streams — while you're writing an email to a prospect

In this article, you'll learn how to do all of these things so that you can get the most out of your Hub's content experiences.


For simplicity, the screenshots in this article will mainly reflect how the Uberflip extension for Chrome looks and works. The Outlook version of the Uberflip extension looks a little different, but works basically the same way and has all the same functionality.


Open the Uberflip Extension


In Chrome, you can open the Uberflip extension by right-clicking on any text input field and clicking on Insert content from Uberflip...:


In Gmail, it's also built directly into the Compose Email editor, where you can just click on the Uberflip button next to the Send button:


Clicking either of these buttons will a Hub viewer in an overlay window. After you sign in with your Uberflip account, you can use this Hub viewer to directly browse and share content from the Hub without switching windows.

Drafts__1__-_jan_griffiths_uberflip_com_-_Uberflip_Mail.png (Cloud)

While writing an email in, you open the Uberflip extension by clicking on the ... menu in the email editor, then clicking on the Uberflip for Outlook button:


This will open the Hub viewer in the sidebar. After you sign in with your Uberflip account, you can use this Hub viewer to directly browse and share content from the Hub without switching windows.



Outlook (Desktop 365/2016 standalone)

While writing an email in desktop Outlook, you open the Uberflip extension by clicking on the  Uberflip for Outlook button in the menu bar:


This will open the Hub viewer in the sidebar. After you sign in with your Uberflip account, you can use this Hub viewer to directly browse and share content from the Hub without switching windows.



Browse Hub Content

After opening the Hub viewer with the Uberflip extension, you'll be able to browse through all the content in your Hub.

View and Filter Content

By default, you'll be on the All Content tab, where you'll see an unfiltered list of all the Streams in the Hub:


Aside from the All Content view, you can also filter by Recent, or by just Sales Streams:


Use the Pinned Streams dropdown to jump straight to pinned Streams. This is really useful for your most-used Streams (you can pin Streams in the Uberflip app — see this article for instructions):


On any filter, use the dropdown menu below All Content to switch between viewing Streams, Items, and Hubs (if you have multiple):


You can also sort the view by content type, and change the sort order in which Streams/Items/Hubs appear:


Lastly, narrow down the list of content by typing keywords into the Search box:



View Content

As you browse with the Hub viewer, view any Stream, Item or Hub by simply clicking on its tile in the list. 

For Streams, this will open a view where the Items within the Stream are displayed on the right:


To view more information about the Stream itself, you can also click on Details on the left.

Click on an Item in this view, and you will see a more details about that Item:



Share Hub Content

Anywhere an Item, Stream, or Hub is visible, you can share it with just a few clicks.

The most direct way to share an Item, Stream, or Hub is by hovering your mouse over its tile, then clicking on the Share button that appears:


You can also share content from any other view (for example after clicking into a Stream), as Share buttons will appear there as well:


Anytime you click on a Share button, a menu will open. Here, you can choose the size of the tile that will be embedded wherever you share the content (look on the right for a preview).


Make your selection, then just click Share. The Hub viewer will close, and the selected tile will be embedded in the text field where you first opened the extension:



Create Sales Streams

The other thing you can do with the extension is create personalized Sales Streams. This is really handy, because it means you can finish a call with a prospect or customer, then put together a Sales Stream for them while you write the follow-up email.

To create a new Sales Stream, just open up the Uberflip extension and click on the +Sales Stream button in the top right:


Choose a Hub, then type in a name and description for your Sales Stream and click on Add.

On the next page, you'll see the Items view for your new Sales Stream. Click on Done in the lower right.


Now, click on the Manage Items button in the lower left corner:


You'll be returned to the Hub browser. Browse to any Item you want to include in the Sales Stream, hover your mouse over it, and click on the Add button:


Keep adding Items like this until you're happy with your Sales Stream. When you're finished, click on Done in the lower right again and you'll be taken back to the Sales Stream. Here, just click on the Share Stream... button to share the Sales Stream with your prospect or customer:


By the way, you don't have to create every Sales Stream from scratch: you can also start with a previously created Sales Stream as a template. To do that, just find it (use the Sales Streams filter), hover your mouse over the Sales Stream, then click on Copy to Sales Stream:


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