Hub Locale Explained


Learn what the Hub Locale setting does, and how to use it to set your Hub's language.


What is the Hub Locale setting?

The Hub Locale setting (in the Hub Options) is used to define the language and region of your Hub. There are a few reasons why it's a good practice for your Hub to declare its geographic location and the language it uses:

  • It allows search engines to recognize your content as being relevant to speakers of a particular language, and to include it in search results for users in areas where that language is primarily spoken.
  • It helps browsers to correctly display your Hub content, including what characters to use, and the direction in which text should be read (as some languages read right-to-left).
  • It improves accessibility, because it allows screen-reader software (used by people with visual impairments or blindness) to know which language to speak in.


What does the Hub Locale setting do?

The Hub Locale determines the value of the lang and dir tags in a Hub's HTML, which declare its language, region, and reading direction. For example, a Hub Locale setting of English (Canada) would set the tags as follows (ltr means left-to-right):


In addition to these tags, the Hub Locale setting also specifies the language to be used for all the label text that appears throughout your Hub. For example, if you set your Hub Locale to Spanish, all Hub interface labels would be automatically displayed in Spanish. You can customize these translated labels using the Custom Labels tool.

Hub Locale is a per-Hub setting, so if you have multiple Hubs, each Hub can have a different Hub Locale setting.


How do I see which Hub Locale my Hub is currently set to?

To view your current Hub Locale, navigate to Hub Options > Advanced. Here, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Internationalization section, where your current Hub Locale is shown:


By default, the Hub Locale for new Hubs is set to English (United States), and all labels will appear in English (with US-style spelling where applicable). If you're creating a new Hub and it will use a language/region other than English (United States), we recommend changing the Hub Locale right away, before you do anything else.


In some cases, particularly in older Hubs, the Hub Locale may be shown as Not Specified. If this is the case in any of your Hubs, we strongly recommend setting an actual Hub Locale. To do so, please contact us.


How do I change the Hub Locale?

The Hub Locale is designed to be set just once, when a language-specific Hub is created. It should generally not be changed later, because this can cause a lot of things to break in multi-language Hubs. As a result, the Hub Locale setting in the Hub Options is locked, which means that you can't change it yourself.

To set the Hub Locale for a newly created Hub, or to change it later (if necessary), please contact our Support Team.

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