Hub Hack: Import a Custom Font into a CTA


Use this Custom Code snippet to use a custom font in one (or multiple) CTAs.


Hub Hacks are NOT official Uberflip features. They may not work on all Hubs, or may cause unexpected behavior. Before implementing a Hub Hack on a production Hub, we strongly recommending testing it in a safe environment (such as a staging Hub) if possible.

Uberflip Support is not able to help troubleshoot issues with Hub Hacks: if a Hub Hack is not working correctly in your Hub, Uberflip Support can only help you to disable it.


  • Type: CSS
  • Placement: Head
  • Notes: This method uses @import to bring in a web-hosted font using its URL, so you will need the URL for the font you want to use. The code snippet below uses a Google Font called Lobster. Replace the URL and font-family with the appropriate details for the font you want to use. Under #hub-cta-#####, replace the trailing series of hashes with the ID for your CTA(s).



@import url(''); #hub-cta-##### p{ font-family: 'Lobster'; }


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