Set Up a Sumo Integration


Integrating Sumo with your Hub is a quick and easy process that can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to lead generation, social sharing, analytics, traffic generation, audience communication, and more.


Before you Begin

  • To create this integration, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.


Step 1: Install Sumo

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account.
  2. When prompted during the registration, type in your Hub URL.
  3. Finally, you'll be prompted to install Sumo on your Hub using a bit of code. Copy the code, then log in to your Uberflip Hub.



Step 2: Add the Sumo Code to Your Hub

  1. Log in to Uberflip.
  2. Go to Hubs > Appearance > Custom Code.

  3. Click on the +Add Code button.

  4. The Add New Code window will appear. Begin by typing in a name and (optionally) description for this piece of custom code (e.g. "Sumo Integration"). Then, click on the Add Code button.
  5. This will take you to the Edit Custom Code view. Scroll down and click on the Code tab.

  6. Under Placement, use the dropdown to choose Head (it may already be selected by default).
  7. In the code field underneath, paste in the code you copied from Sumo earlier.
  8. Click on the Save button below the code field.
  9. Lastly, scroll back up and switch the toggle under Enable Custom Code to the on (green) position.



Step 3: Set up Sumo Apps

  1. Log back in to Sumo. Once logged in, click on the Visit Site button to load your Hub.


  2. When your Hub loads, you'll see a blue toolbar hovering on the right side of the page — don't worry, only you can see this toolbar! Click on the crown icon in the toolbar.

  3. A popup will appear. In it, click on Sumo Store.

  4. Browse through the Sumo Store and add apps that coincide with your marketing goals.
  5. When you add an app, you'll usually have to configure some options. For example, here's the setup screen for the Wallpaper App, which allows you to show visitors to your Hub a beautiful (and highly converting) front page when they visit for the first time:

  6. When you've finished configuring an app's options, click on the Save button.
  7. Finally, don't forget to activate any new app you add by toggling its status from Paused to Active.


And that's it — you've successfully integrated Sumo with your Hub!

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